R1 is the market leader in the value chain management of Natural Rubber; offering a plethora of grades from diverse originations, to its customers globally; addressing their raw material needs in natural & synthetic rubbers and creating value through its risk management solutions. R1 is positioned as a single-stop solution to the rubber industry’s raw material requirements.

R1 is a cohesively integrated, manager of the rubber value chain, with its involvement and value addition throughout the continuum, carving a unique blend of professional competence to deliver the requirements and concerns of the rubber industry to exceed expectations. We deal in all kinds of natural and synthetic rubbers from global originations. We extend our professional risk management expertise through the value chain, thereby creating an unparalleled niche and value in tangible terms, to both our suppliers and consumers.


Be the No. 1 global partner in business, for growth, success and sustainability.

We place ourselves at a position to lead the industry and are committed to our vision, which is a clear reflection of our business strategy and corporate culture.



to deliver all ranges of products and services and innovative solutions to address our customers’ and suppliers needs promptly and efficiently


to expand our network and reach out to our business partners for mutual growth and success.


to contribute positively to our various stakeholders and society.

Our mission emphasises our core belief of service above anything else. This service oriented outlook not only extends to our customers but also to all stake holders in the business, encompassing small holder famers, plantations owners, processors and facilitators throughout the value chain et al. We define our growth, as to reach out globally to our customers, by expanding our market share and to a larger extent ‘the mindshare’. Our prosperity is the loyal base of our business partners and the net tangible value we bring to their businesses, thereby contributing positively to all our stakeholders, business partners and the society we operate in.