Corporate Philosophy

The success of R1 is the collective synergy of its most valuable and intangible human resources and global reach, delivering results and exceeding expectations across all locations, and contributing to the organisations global image.

The prismatic guiding light of R1’s corporate philosophy which is pervasive throughout the organisation,in its culture, objectives, strategies and operations, encompasses the following:

Value Creation’ Orientation

We exist for a reason and that one special reason gives us the scope of our participation and contribution to the business. Whatever we do should ultimately transform into ‘a value proposition’ to our business partner. All our objectives and outlook are aligned towards this value

High Levels of Integrity and Commitment

Our people are highly motivated and with a disposition of high levels of integrity and commitment towards the organisation’s vision and mission. Each of our human assets’ contributes within their scope of functionality to the overall synergy of the group. This attitude extends outwards into the market in the professional and ethical way of conducting our businesses.

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Team Work

We are a global virtual family hailing from cross-cultural backgrounds and nationalities spreading across continents, but sharing the same guiding spirit. The spirit of R1 binds us to achieve the collective goals together and in the process, helping each other to outperform in their individual goals.

Mutual Respect and Trust

We strongly believe that success of any business percolates down to its principles, objectives, and strategies, and ends up finally at its people and relationships. So we place high significance on mutual respect and trust within the organisation and in our dealings with our suppliers/ customers, which in turn, strengthens our relations, opening potential avenues of association.

Entrepreneurship & Ownership

R1 as an enterprise is the collective result of the entrepreneurial spirit of each of its managers. This value provides a holistic view of the business in its entirety and not just limited to any particular function. Thus our people are well versed with all major aspects of the business thereby being exposed to the complete value chain. We welcome and nurture innovative ideas among our people to pursue higher challenges and diversify their thoughts to newer business horizons, to fit within the organisational framework. We take ownership of what we say and do at an individual level, which marks our integrity to self and of R1 group.